Murals & More Brings Internationally Recognized Artist to Cedar Rapids for First Mural of 2017

June 23, 2017/0/0
AKACORLEONE (Pedro Campiche)

AKACORLEONE Commissioned for Third Street Skywalk Mural

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Murals & More is excited to announce that its first mural of 2017 will begin work today. Portuguese artist AKACORLEONE (Pedro Campiche) has traveled from Lisbon to complete installation of the mural. The location of the artwork is on the east facing side of the skywalk at 349 4th Ave, SE Cedar Rapids, and is part of the continual collaboration between Murals & More and ParkCR.

Pedro was inspired by the “City of Five Seasons” concept where the fifth season exists to appreciate the other four. His idea was to create a piece of art that reflected the positive spirit of Cedar Rapids through bright and cheerful colors. The composition illustrates the motto in an abstract rendering that can be read through a mix of figures inspired by nature, the urban streetscape, and figurative elements that reflects the connection between the city in harmony with the surrounding environment. “I am excited about the skywalk project in Cedar Rapids because it gives me a chance to explore a new city, to be a part of its history and to show my work to a broader audience.”

AKACORLEONE was chosen as the muralist for this project after a rigorous selection process that began with an open request for proposal application from Murals & More. “We were immediately excited once we received Pedro’s proposal. His style of artwork beautifully captures the intrinsic spirit of our city,” said Board Co-Chair Alexis Dagit. “We are thrilled to working alongside such a high-caliber artist and look forward to having a piece of his art as part of our city’s story.”

An “INSTALLATION CELEBRATION” will be held on MONDAY, JUNE 26 AT 6:30 PM. The ceremony will be held underneath the skywalk and the public is invited to attend. Artist AKACORLEONE, as well representatives from Murals & More and ParkCR will be on hand to debut the mural. The ceremony will last about 15 minutes and will be immediately proceeded by celebratory drinks at Backpocket Brewing.

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AKACORLEONE (Pedro Campiche)

Pedro Campiche is a visual artist of Portuguese and Swiss descent who started out as a graffiti writer in the underworld of his native Lisbon. A compulsive drawer, obsessed with all things graphic and visual from an early age, he studied arts and earned a degree in design and visual communication in 2007. After working as a graphic designer in studios for a few years he became fully disappointed with the field and decided to work as a freelance illustrator as a complement to the development of his artistic career. In the field of visual arts he is known today for his dexterity in using colors, typography, characters and refined forms which he blends to achieve eye-catching compositions imbued with originality and all-pervasive humour.