Testimonial: Casey Prince

September 21, 2014/0/0

Recently, we asked Cedar Rapids residents, business owners, and leaders why they love Murals & More. The first person to respond was Casey Prince, Executive Director of Theatre Cedar Rapids. His answer, shown below, is what you may expect from a theatre guy; full of enthusiasm, wit, and a bit of character.

Casey said: “Why I love Murals & More?  Well it is because it embodies the idea that the experience of our city is about much more than just getting from point A to point B.  The journey between those two points gets at the very fabric of our community and its history and culture.  The fact that Murals & More has found a way to start connecting those dots on our community’s map by engaging artists—both student and professional—makes their projects even more exciting.  All you have to do is see a before-and-after picture of the first mural installation location to immediately understand just how dynamically our city will be changed by these artist installations.  Better yet, get a glimpse of a student artist’s face as they look up at their creation now proudly hanging as a banner on Third Street and you’ll realize the brilliant benefit that Murals & More is now providing the community at large.”

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Casey Prince