Entering the Eras

Unveiled May 19, 2012

19’ x 17’ x 1’
Hand Painted on Aluminum Panels
By local artists Bounnak Thammavong & Mike Sneller

“Entering the Eras” celebrates the vitality of the Cedar Rapids Downtown cityscape, from its early stages to the late 1920’s. The imagery of the mural utilizes three period buildings, in consecutive order from 1890-1920. These buildings denote a downtown cityscape coming from the past to the future; reinforcing the concept of “downtown Cedar Rapids coming to life.” This mural also references historical figures of Cedar Rapids; by montage of various figurative portraits of prominent period specific members of the community. Among those portrayed are: George Greene, George Carroll, Lawson Daniels, Carl Van Vechten, The Cherry Sisters, Paul Engle, Art Collins, Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and George Douglas. Further advancing the unique nature of this mural is that the roofline of the Armstrong Building, the corner of the Armstrong Building, and the delivery truck; which are produced in shallow relief.

To see the mural yourself, head to 3rd St in downtown Cedar Rapids between 2nd & 3rd Ave.