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Support NewBoCo’s Derecho 2020 Fundraiser for Eastern Iowa’s Arts and Culture Nonprofits

Support NewBoCo's Derecho 2020 Fundraiser for Eastern Iowa's Arts and Culture Nonprofits
Photo by Rob Merritt

Photo credit: Fred Ebong Studios, Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – October 12, 2020 — Murals & More has been included in a fundraising effort to support various Eastern Iowa arts and culture nonprofits in the wake of the derecho natural disaster that swept through Iowa on August 10, 2020.

Support NewBoCo’s Derecho 2020 fundraiser.

The derecho added to an already stressful year for our community’s arts & culture nonprofits. Many were struggling to stay open just from COVID. This project is a simple one: to turn the “lemons” of the derecho into “lemonade” in the form of a fundraiser to make coasters from downed trees.

Led by Cedar Rapids non-profits NewBoCo, Indian Creek Nature Center, and Brucemore, with a notable assist from Iowa BIG, we’re hoping to raise some money for some of the area’s arts & culture nonprofits and making your holiday gift shopping easier.

The wood comes from Indian Creek Nature Center, except in a few cases where noted from Brucemore. The team at NewBoCo and Iowa BIG are etching the logos into each, lacquering them, and then managing fulfillment and delivery.

Each $20 you spend on a coaster set gets split by the participating non-profits – including the one whose logo is on the coaster you buy. 

  • All orders must be placed by October 30th. This allows us to know how many to make over the next few weeks.
  • Orders can be delivered, or picked up, but no earlier than December 6th